Digital Wellbeing

Digital well-being is about making the best uses of digital technology and about integrating digital technology into family life in ways that are meaningful and promote individual family values.

Digital Literacy a combination of technological capacities, intellectual competencies, and ethical, social, and behavioural practices. Digital literacy rests upon three building blocks: the skills and ability to use digital tools and applications, the capacity to critically understand digital media tools and content, and the knowledge and expertise to create and communicate with digital technology

Key Questions

What opportunities or challenges do parents face when digital technology impacts their parenting (practices and style)?

How can digital technology and digital literacy be integrated positively into family life and parenting?

How parents can balance the risks and opportunities they see accompanying digital technology?

What strategies can parents employ for mitigating risks and actualising opportunities for their children?

What do parents need to consider their own uses of digital technology and the impact on their children?

How can parents have meaningful conversations with their children about their safe, respectful and responsible uses of digital technology?