About Cyber Safe Kids & Family Insights

Robyn Treyvaud is an internationally recognised expert in online safety and digital health and wellbeing. As the Founder of Cyber Safe Kids, Robyn established a global organisation and network that assisted educators, schools and local communities in understanding and overcoming the challenges of the digital world.

Robyn was an educator for four decades and has extensive experience and a track record of accomplishment in educational leadership roles which have included: school leadership, parent education and professional development program design and facilitation. She provided schools with best practice approaches and resources to support a strategic, sustainable approach to digital citizenship, wellbeing and resilience.

Current Work

Robyn is the Head of Education at Family Insights Group an Australian founded cyber safety platform designed for children, teens and most importantly, families. The Family Insights app was created with leading childhood medical researchers - Telethon Kids Institute - to pioneer a new approach to cyber safety which is focused on education and empowerment.

Robyn leads the Education team and writes the content for the Knowledge Centre and eBooks http://knowledge-centre.familyinsights.net/

She co-authored: The Parents’ Survival Guide to Children, Technology and the Internet which was published in 2019. https://www.parentssurvivalguide.net/