Digital Wellbeing

What is Digital Wellbeing?

It is generally agreed that rather than just focusing on ‘Cyber Safety’ we need to think more broadly about ‘Digital Health and Wellbeing’. According to Childnet: “Our overall wellbeing is determined by the physical and emotional experiences we have on a daily basis...with technology having a significant impact on our wellbeing generally.”

Digital Wellbeing is defined by Media Smarts as “making the best uses of digital technology and about integrating digital technology into family life in ways that are meaningful and promote individual family values.”

To make this term easier to understand, Common Sense Media breaks ‘Digital Wellbeing’ down to include the following:

1.     Tech companies that design products that feel less addictive, support ongoing research into the impacts of technology on children’s well-being, and value people over profit.

2.     Parents, teachers, and kids who are aware of the rewards and the risks of technology and practice healthy media habits together.

3.     We all have the tools to become good digital citizens, with access to high-quality information outside of our filter bubbles.