Moving from Risk Minimisation to a Positive Digital School Culture

The selection of resources and opportunities to build capacity in schools for a sustainable approach to digital citizenship and digital wellbeing is based on the belief that e-safety is more than just the use of security software, filters and passwords or the issue of cyberbullying, but encompasses the actual ethics of being online and respect for others. Ideally, digital citizens think critically, behave safely and participate responsibly.  

This forum focuses on 4 key areas:

  • Your digital culture and climate 
  • Your digital citizens
  • Foundations for change
  • Curriculum resources P-12

It provides opportunities for educators to develop deeper understandings and insights into the digital lives of their students, the opportunities to embed digital citizenship concepts explicitly into learning and teaching programs, the value of connecting with families in a true partnership and to meet legal obligations in relation to policies, practices and protocols.


  • Educators: Primary-Elementary, Middle School, Senior Secondary-High School.

*This workshop can be customized to be a full or half day; Elementary/Primary, Middle or Secondary/High School.