Digital Parenting: A Common Sense Approach

This presentation is in response to current research, which underlines the importance of parents continuing to have open and ongoing conversations with young people about their online activities that reiterate their family’s values. But to do this, parents need to have tools and the knowledge and understanding of the issues that their children face online and when they use digital devices for entertainment, socialising and learning.

What you’ll learn:

  • What the research tells us about the use of technology by children and young people.
  • The impact of technology use on health & well-being, relationships and reputations.
  • Ongoing resources and advice to support parents.

Topics covered include:

  • Identity & Self Image
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Privacy & Security
  • Addiction
  • Online Risks
  • Digital Dramas
  • Managing the Media Diet


  • Parents, Educators, Community members.
  • 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2 hour sessions.

While this presentation can be delivered as a lecture, it is highly recommended that parents interact with each other seated at tables.

*This presentation can be tailored to parents of children and teens.